RTB Resource Guide for Graduates

Welcome our RTB resource page. There’s loads of stuff here for you to get your teeth into. For a zero to hero approach, we suggest going from top to bottom.

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Firstly, what is RTB?

RTB or Real Time Bidding is essentially a way of buying advertising online. Advertisers are able to use data to target users on a single-impression basis to ensure that the advert goes out to the most relevant audience.  The actual trading or buying of media takes place over an auction-based platform (similar to PPC), so this is often referred to as a form of ‘biddable media’.

The auction model ensures that advertisers get a fair price for the media they’re buying and can cut down on waste by only targeting relevant users.  For media owners, it’s way of ensuring that all remnant inventory (ad space) is sold.  In a nutshell, it’s good for both parties and this is one of the reasons it’s growing so quickly as a medium.



This video gives a really useful overview.


Free Training Webinar

Sometimes it’s better to hear straight from the horses mouth. We held this free training session with Luke from Amnet which was entitled “What is RTB?”. Click the pic to access and you will need the password ‘tellmemoreaboutRTB‘.

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Blogs & Trade Press


You may or may not be familiar with our resident blogger, Matt. He has been working his way around the industry talking to some of the leading experts in this field.

Click here to access the whole back catalogue.

Keep your eye on the trade press to keep up with all the latest developments. In our opinion, the best one in the RTB market is Exchange Wire.


Things to research/understand:

– What are remarketing/retargeting and behavioural targetting?

– What’s the benefit of targetting on a single impression basis rather than CPM?

– What types of data can be used to segment for targetting through a DSP?

– What is a DMP and what does it do?


Excel Tips

In digital media having a good grasp of Excel can save you mountains of time and effort as well as helping you stand out in an interview (as explained here). Some of the most useful Excel tools are macros, pivot tables and V-Lookups. Click here for a couple of basic tutorials.


Maths Practice

Some companies will test you on this, so make sure you’re not rusty by putting in a bit of practice here or Google ‘free numerical test’ and you should get plenty of options.



Some useful terms:

Ad Exchange a technology platform which facilitates the buying of media across an auction based platform

CRM Data data from existing customers

Cookie Data data collected from website users through cookie tracking

DMP (Data Management Platform) a technology platform for storing and manipulating data

DSP (Demand Side Platform) a technology which allows advertisers to manage multiple ad exchanges through one interface

Retargetting the process of serving adverts to consumers who have recently left a website


And finally…

You know you are ready for a role in RTB when you find this joke from Matt amusing!

 Click here if you’re laughing...