Stand by me my Apprentice

Some of you might remember that about five months ago I spoke to four of iProspect‘s newest recruits. The interesting thing about these fresh faces was that they were all apprentices. In this case ‘apprentice’ doesn’t mean any of the below it essentially refers to someone who has chosen not to go to university and instead learn on the job. Which I suppose does also apply to the below.

Chloe, Louis, Jake and Harry had come through the Creative Pioneers scheme run by the IPA, which aims to give young talent opportunities at top London companies in advertising, PR, digital marketing and media. You can read what our apprentices had to say in November here but I was back to ask them whether their opinions had changed five months into the job.

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iProspect Believes in School Leavers

Matt Raised Eyebrow copy

Now it’s fair to say that this old reporter has been around the block a few times. (See?) Over the last year I have heard from a number of different digital agencies that they are looking to take on school leavers, or in other words, younger candidates that haven’t been to university. When an old-timer like me hears hair-brained schemes like this I take it with a pinch of salt. If they haven’t been to university surely they won’t be able to string two sentences together? I imagine they’ll need someone to tie their shoelaces or even worse, they don’t have laces at all… Velcro!

Last week however I went into one of the country’s leading digital agencies, iProspect, to find out what their view of the whole situation was. Guess what? They’ve only gone and employed four of them!


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Google Gives up the Golf

Browsing through my new favourite website, Mashable (it’s actually number 3 of course, behind Neil’s Recruitment and Crying Duck), I stumbled across this article which references a few changes to Google’s hiring process.

Hiring is always something we’re interested in at Neil’s Recruitment so I thought I’d take a look and the first point of interest was that they have decided to stop using ‘brainteasers’ in interviews. When they say brainteaser they are referring to questions such as “How many golf balls can fit into an airplane?” which were designed to test people’s problem-solving abilities.


Probably need a few more than this, how big’s the plane?

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