The Secret of Moving In-House

Much like Beatrix Kiddo I was reaching the end of my list. Almost all of my questions had been answered but I was by no means finished.

Mystery Swirl

The advice I received from this person who I will call Kate, was so candid and honest that we’ve had to mask their identity. Kate is a PPC guru and a fountain of information from which I aimed to find out what the best way is to secure a move in-house, which skills are valued more highly and why you would move back to an agency.

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What’s Driving Bentley?

“We can go to this one which is grotty but you can get a table, or we can risk it and go for the fancy one that’s always full,” said Darren.

“Fancy,” I blurted without hesitation.

So we went to the fancy place for coffee, I love fancy coffee.

Objective one achieved. I had secured a spot in the fancy coffee place sitting across from Darren Bentley. Darren works for MoneySupermarket and has been fundamental in the building of one of the best in-house digital teams in the UK. I was keen to know why he moved, whether he values agency skills over in-house skills and his tips for staying at the cutting edge.

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Digital’s in Fashion

On the first of my adventures into the trials, tribulations and reality of moving client-side, I went to meet Lucile, a Search Strategist working at luxury online retailer NET-A-PORTER.


Lucile has an interesting story because after cutting her teeth and honing her craft in agencies like Mindshare Worldwide and MediaContacts (now Havas Media) she made the move in-house in a bid to work in the world of fashion. I wanted to know if the move has helped her to diversify her skills, aid career progression and how she views agency life from the other side.

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