Using data to target consumers

Presented by James Kendall, Senior Account Manager at AudienceScience

AudienceScience is a leading marketing technology platform which powers some of the world’s top advertisers.

Continuing on from our earlier session on RTB (which you can watch here), this session took things a little further and looked at how data can be used to target consumers with tailored messages, how re-targeting works and some of the technology behind it.

The password for this session is allroadsleadtodata

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Planning a digital campaign

Presented by Jason Jutla, Senior Account Manager at Essence Digital

This session looked at the process of planning and buying a digital campaign, and was designed to be useful for anyone interested in learning about this critical area of online marketing. It looked at how campaigns are briefed and how agencies respond, as well as some of the tools and technologies involved.

The password for this session is planningwithessence

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An introduction to Ad Operations

Presented by Simon Theakston, Head of Digital Operations at iProspect

The session covered the fundamentals of digital advertising operations – how campaigns are tagged and tracked and the sorts of customer data that can be obtained through this. It looked at some of the technology involved and what’s involved in a job in ad operations.

The password for this session is tellmemoreaboutadops 

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