Guest Blog – Find A Job With Ric Rodriguez’s Must-Dos

Hello all, it’s time to hear from another one of Neil’s Recruitment’s happy customers. ‘Ric Rod’ is a lovely chap with boundless enthusiasm, a penchant for exclamation marks and some good advice.

Ric Rodri

Anyone looking to make a start in digital marketing can probably learn a thing or two from reading his five simple tips.

For those of you that like tips, here’s a few Krupa Patel found useful. For now, over to Ric.


The 5 (Really Simple) Must-Do’s For All Grads Wanting A Job In Digital Acquisition Marketing…

by Ric Rodriguez

Hi all! My name is Ric Rodriguez, and I’m about to start work as a junior digital promotions analyst at a really well known digital marketing agency in the capital, working with clients such as Coca-Cola and Reed.

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SEO: Painting the Painting

Have you ever seen that painting where in the painting there is someone painting the same painting you are looking at and in that painting, of course, you can just about see the artist painting the same painting and that goes on for eternity? Me neither.


But that is something like what we’ve got going on here in blog form. These days if we like what you’ve written we will feature guest blogs and this one by Matthew Leach from our friends at Lakestar McCann is about using content to link-build (whilst simultaneously using content to link-build). See where I was going at the top now? It’s good stuff, enjoy.

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Guest Blog – Where Eagles Dare(s)*

It’s guest blogging season folks and today the Eagle has Landed*. Sam Eagles that is. Sam recently graduated from the Squared Online course and wondering what went on there we asked him to give us the inside scoop. Was it fairly tame or was it Barely Eagle*?

Sam graciously accepted the challenge in true Eagle Knievel* style and this is what he came up with.


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