Half a Mihalop the Google Tower

I entered an idyllic garden with the warm sun shining on my weathered face. A slight nod to the gardener, hard at work, signified I appreciated all his efforts. It was hard to believe I wasn’t in an island paradise and instead on the 9th floor of a building next to Tottenham Court Road, specifically Google.

Andy Mihalop

I was here to meet Andy Mihalop*, a man of vast experience on both sides of the fence. It’s fair to say that Andy really cut his teeth in agencies (despite working in-house initially) but as Head of Digital at MoneySupermarket, was also a pioneer in the trend of creating in-house digital teams.

I wanted to know why you would leave an agency once in a senior position, what’s attractive about moving in-house, how targets are measured and, once in-house, is it harder to drive change?

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The Man in the Mirror

Reaching the top of the escalator I emerged into the Minecraft wonderland also known as Canary Wharf. I was here to meet Rob, who after a good few years spent at an agency has made the move in-house, specifically to Trinity Mirror.


Rob’s expertise lies in SEO and he was instrumental in building the SEO team at OMD (just two people strong when he joined in 2008). Having been instrumental in building this team to become one of largest media agency SEO teams, he moved into the newspaper world, and now finds himself at Trinity Mirror.

What provoked this change, how has it affected his working life and, more specifically, does he have more or less influence when designing and actioning change?

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