Tale of an Infographic: Why We Reached for the Stars ***

Some of you out there might be sipping your coffee or Drambuie (what a strange choice of drink) and thinking:

“Yeah, I know Neil’s a great recruiter, but what else has this guy got in his locker?”

Well, boil the kettle for another brew and let me tell you a story…

Those of you that are regular readers of my blog (I shall assume that is all of you) will know that one of my buzz-terms at the moment is ‘content marketing’. From a personal perspective this is the best way of raising engagement and digital visibility for my comedy night due to the fact I have a very limited budget. But it’s not all about doing things on a shoe-string; content marketing, if done well, can be fantastically effective and efficient.

This brings me to our story. I hope you’re sitting comfortably. Continue reading

‘Operation Crying Content’ Update!

Hi folks,

A couple of weeks ago I met Hamish to discuss SEO and during this meeting I launched sub-mission Operation Crying Content or OCC. Hamish had spoken to me of the importance of gaining back-links, which are links to your website on other related websites, in becoming more organically searchable.

Since Google’s Penguin update, the main legitimate way of doing this is creating content which other websites feature and include a link to you. So what did Crying Duck do? We made a video interviewing the 2013 Musical Comedy Award winners Hill & Weedon which was hosted on a popular comedy website, Comedy Chords, with the understanding they would include a link to our website and lo and behold:




Step one complete. Now for the next one!