Half a Mihalop the Google Tower

I entered an idyllic garden with the warm sun shining on my weathered face. A slight nod to the gardener, hard at work, signified I appreciated all his efforts. It was hard to believe I wasn’t in an island paradise and instead on the 9th floor of a building next to Tottenham Court Road, specifically Google.

Andy Mihalop

I was here to meet Andy Mihalop*, a man of vast experience on both sides of the fence. It’s fair to say that Andy really cut his teeth in agencies (despite working in-house initially) but as Head of Digital at MoneySupermarket, was also a pioneer in the trend of creating in-house digital teams.

I wanted to know why you would leave an agency once in a senior position, what’s attractive about moving in-house, how targets are measured and, once in-house, is it harder to drive change?

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