Is Moving In-house Just Peachy?

Alarm bells were ringing. This was because my alarm was going off. I was getting up slightly earlier in order to grab a coffee with Jamie Peach, an SEO guru who has recently moved in-house. I silenced the alarm. Everything was going to plan.

Jamie Peach

Jamie has recently made the move to ASOS – the booming online fashion brand – having spent a good chunk of time on the agency side of life. I wanted to know how he was adjusting, how the working life differed, what he missed and what he was glad to leave behind.

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Is Moving In-House a Gamble?

It was the longest queue I had ever seen in a Starbucks. Long enough for me to admire the ornate ceiling and Google where it was from (Damascus if you’re asking). I texted this piece of information to Gavin who was waiting patiently for me upstairs.

“LOL :)” was the response.


Gavin is an interesting character with a wealth of experience on both sides of the fence. He spent a decade in various agencies (including Mediacom, Diffiniti (now iProspect) and MEC) before moving in-house to Gamesys via and PKR. This makes him one of the most informed people on the subject and his views were fairly unequivocal. This was going to be a good’un.

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