Planning. A move to Australia.

I’d spoken to a lot of search people so far – we’re often told that that’s where the demand is. But what of the media planner? Is there a demand for them out in Australia?

There was only one way to find out. I was meeting Sam Russell, now Digital Director at Mediacom Sydney to talk about his experience of moving from the UK.

Sam Russell

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Australia – a trailing market?

  1. “It’s two years behind the UK market”
  2. “The Australian market’s a fifth of the size”
  3. “They use abaci* to work out rates and communicate via carrier pigeon”

Just a few of the perceptions I encountered prior to my trip here (with the exception of the last one which I made up). So is the Australian market really behind the UK (and what does ‘behind’ even mean for that matter)?

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Commoditisation – an avoidable outcome?

Before I came here, I’d often thought that coming to the Australian market from the UK must be a little bit like possessing the Greys Sports Almanac in Back to The Future II. If the market really is behind, looking at the UK should tell you what’s going to happen in Australia, right?

I was meeting Stuart Beckingham, Head of Search at Mediacom Australia to see if some of the trends we’ve seen in the UK market were ringing true over here.

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