The Essence of Digital

Today I popped into Essence for the first time in the brief history of me. The aim was for a quick introduction to the company for me as well as a general catch up. (Find out what this picture is about later.)

Too Smart

Essence are a digital agency with some really exciting clients like Google and Ebay. I will be returning soon with something meatier for you to get your eyes into but I just wanted to share a couple of interesting bits with you.

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The inside scoop with Emma

Sometimes when reading this blog you may forget that here at Neil’s Recruitment Company we don’t just produce wonderful content, incredible resource guides and offer free training. We also recruit. The clue’s in the title.

With that in mind we wanted to hear from the front line about the actual nuts and bolts of securing an interview and getting the job. So Niklas and I went along to Group M to meet Emma who works in talent acquisition or in other words she is their in-house recruiter.

Emma Telling

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