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Digital Media Graduate FAQs

Want to find out about the digital media market from the people that work in it every day? You’ve come to the right place.


It’s time for a slice of age-old wisdom from experts who have been around since the very beginning of the market. Like a young ballsy elephant, our roving reporter Matt regularly meets people in the digital market to try to give you the information you need to find your way in. Below are some of the questions we frequently get asked – just get in touch (use subject heading Grad FAQ) if there’s anything you’d like us to add.

Getting the Job

Jobs are what we’re here for and here’s how to get one. We want to cover every angle of getting that first job because you can do so much more than write a decent CV and respond to an advert.

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The Market

The first step in trying to enter digital media is to get to know the market. The Digital Media market can seem like a complicated one because it’s fairly new and very dynamic. Let us enlighten you here.

Digital Agencies

Although more and more opportunities are emerging in-house, the bulk of the jobs in Digital Media are within digital media agencies. Essentially they are advertising agencies built on technology, find out all about them here.

Opportunities for School Leavers

The digital market is still young and on top of that extremely fast-moving. As a result of this it is often the raw materials (maths/communication/analytical skills) that employers look for rather than a Masters in Digital Marketing. This means there is room for those that haven’t been to university – here are some examples.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation grew fairly organically as digital media developed. It is called ‘organic’ in that SEO relies on optimising websites and gaining backlinks rather than paying for ad space.

Content Marketing

Originally a branch of SEO but now a digital discipline in its own right, Content Marketing the a process of using content (blogs, articles, infographics, videos) to gain awareness, authority and backlinks. A popular and creative branch of digital.

Social Media

Social Media has had a big part to play in Digital Media over the last couple of years. A great tool for customer retention and brand marketing, it is becoming increasingly important as user behaviour changes and evolves.


PPC or Pay Per Click advertising was one of the driving forces of digital media’s rapid growth because it flipped the traditional way of acquiring and audience on its head. A great example of how technology can create efficiency, you need to know about PPC.


Mobile is arguably the most important emerging discipline in Digital Media due to the fact that mobile usage is sky rocketing. It is the job of Mobile to dip into every digital department and optimise it for tablet and mobile use as well as recognise new opportunities in an evolving world.


Display refers to what the user sees on the screen and how it got there. Why was the long banner ad flashing at the bottom of your screen and what tech was required to show it to you?


RTB is the new black. It’s the fashionable new discipline using the latest technology to pioneer the world of targeted ads, retargeting users and display wizardry. Exciting and innovative.

Tech & Analytics

Tech & Analytics are really the things that underpin the Digital Media market. Every discipline relies on some sort of tech to operate and uses analytics to assess how efficiently they are operating. It’s important. It’s cutting edge.


Any further questions? Email them to matt@neilsrecruitment.co.uk