We don’t charge a fee for graduate recruitment.

No really, we don’t. Why? There are three good reasons…

1. It’s better for graduates this way.

With no fees, there are no targets. No targets means no ulterior motives – just the graduates’ interests and what’s best for them. Genuine advice and no pushing.

2. We can work directly with universities to get digital media on the map for more of the right people.

Recruiters don’t like transparency – they need to protect their interests which means revealing their clients on a need-to-know basis. With no fees, we can work openly with universities to educate their students on careers in digital media – many of whom aren’t aware that the market is job rich and buoyant and lucrative with the right skills. We’ve lectured at universities, targeting maths and stats students, as well as marketing students wanting to focus.

3. We keep our network strong for the future.

By investing in the market this way, we’re able to build relationships with people on their way into the market and become a go-to point for advice throughout their career, filling the market with our ambassadors and evangelists – people who know how we work and what we do.